Objectively Speaking

So I just saw the trailer for the Atlas Shrugged movie. I don't think they're quite being faithful to the book. It looks like the story involves an evil witch named Ayn Rand who lives in a tower where she's building a giant golem with the magical power to convert communists into capitalists. She plans to unleash it on the happy citizens of the People's Republic of Hobbiton, a country full of short people known as Oompa-Loompas who sing and dance joyously while toiling in back-breaking chocolate mines all day for the good of the collective. They're apparently based on Mormons with a clever twist, as the common family arrangement consists of seven of their men living with a single human woman. Ayn Rand is eventually stopped by a magical Oompa-Loompa ninja named Bilbo who rides a dragon named Smaug. Smaug is voiced by Sean Connery, and Bilbo is played by Vin Diesel.